Episode 1 (Another version?)

There was once a gentleman, who married a second wife, the proudest woman that ever was seen. She had, by a former husband, two girls, who were quite as proud as their mother. He had also one daughter, by his former wife, of unparalleled goodness & sweetness of temper.

Episode 2 (Another version?)

No sooner was the wedding over, than the mother began to show herself in her true colours. She could not bear the kindness of this pretty child, as it made her daughters appear so odious. She therefore made her scour the floors, and also wash the dishes, and rub the chairs & tables; and compelled her to sleep in a garret on a straw bed, while her own girls had fine rooms, beds of the [PAGE] newest fashion, & lookingglasses so large that they could see themselves from head to foot. She bore it all patiently, and when she had done her work, used to go into the chimney-corner, and sit down among the cinders and ashes, so that they call'd her Cinderella; notwithstanding, she was a hundred times handsomer than her sisters. [PAGE]

Episode 3 (Another version?)

It happened that the King's son gave a ball, and Cinderella's sisters were invited, for they made a fine shew, and their bad dispositions were not known. Cinderella was consulted how they should be dressed, for she had an excellent taste. and had to dress them. As she was doing this, they said to her, Cinderella, would you not like to go to the ball; Ah, [PAGE] said she, you only jeer me. You are right, said they, it would make the people laugh to see a Cinderbreech at a ball. When they went to court, Cinderella followed them, but when she lost sight of them, she burst out crying.

Episode 4 (Another version?)

Her godmother call'd while she was in tears, and asked her what was the matter? Cinderella said, she wished to go to the ball. Well, said her godmother, you shall go. Run into the gar- [PAGE] den, and bring me a pompion. Cinderella fetched the finest she could, not thinking how this pompion could cause her to go to the ball. Her godmother then struck it with her wand, & turned it into a coach, covered with gold. She went to the mousetrap, and found six mice, she tapt them all with her wand, and they became six most beautiful dap [PAGE] ple horses. Cinderella then fetched the rat trap, the fairy touched the largest rat, and he was turned into a jolly coachman. She then told Cinderella to fetch from behind the garden pot six lizards, who when she had turned to six footmen, leaped behind the coach. The fairy asked her if she liked her equipage she repli'd, very much indeed, but sure I can't go in these rags. She then touch'd Cinderella, and her clothes were turned into cloth of silver and gold, beset with jewels. She gave her a pair of Glass Slippers, and told her to get into the carriage, but ordered her not to stay till after midnight, for if she stay'd one moment after, her coach would be a pompion again her horses mice, her coachman a [PAGE] rat, her footmen lizzards, and her clothes become as they were before. Cinderella promised her godmother, to leave before midnight, and away she went.

Episode 5 (Another version?)

The King's son, was told that a princess, whom nobody knew, was come, and he went out and led her into the midst of the company. Every one said, how handsome she his. She danced so [PAGE] gracefully with the Prince that all were charmed. She heard the clock strike three quarters past eleven, and curtsying to the company, she hasten'd home. Soon after she got home, her sisters came, when they told her, that the most beautiful princess in the world had been there.

Episode 6 (Another version?)

Cinderella's godmother, the next day sent her off, dressed her better than before. The Prince remained constantly by her, and engaged her attention so much, that she entirely forgot the time till it began striking twelve, she rose up and fled like a deer, leaving one of her slippers behind.

Episode 7 (Another version?)

A few days after the Prince proclaimed that he would marry the female whose foot the slipper would fit. All the ladies of the court tried, but [PAGE] could not get any of their feet to fit.

Episode 8 (Another version?)

At last, they came with the slipper to Cinderella's sisters, but it would not fit them, so Cinderella tried, and when she had it on, pulled the other out of her pocket.

Episode 9 (Another version?)

When the prince heard of it, he married her directly, and her godmother enriched them both, and they lived very happy. [PAGE] [PAGE]