The Cinderella Project
University of Southern Mississippi

Version 1.2, October 2005 (version 1.0, February 1995)

Special feature through the kindness of the author:
David Delamare's Cinderella

Welcome to the Cinderella Project, a text and image archive containing a dozen English versions of the fairy tale. The Cinderellas presented here represent some of the more common varieties of the tale from the English-speaking world in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. Materials to construct this archive were drawn from the de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

The transcriptions, HTML coding, and digital images were prepared by Michael N. Salda and a group of 23 graduate English students enrolled in a course on Bibliography and Methods of Research. Special thanks are due to Dee Jones, former curator of the de Grummond Collection, for her advice and assistance throughout the construction of the archive.

The transcripts attempt to represent accurately all textual matter, including obvious typographical errors. Paragraphs and stanzas have, however, occasionally been "interrupted" by HTML codes marking episode divisions. Note that these divisions are editorial--they are not in the original texts. For those interested in the original paragraphing and related issues of layout, we suggest examining the HTML source documents themselves, where all paragraphs and stanzas are clearly marked, or simply viewing the images of the pages.

The texts may be read horizontally (one version at a time, with the episodes in order--i.e., in normal reading mode) or vertically (one episode at a time, through all the versions--i.e., in a comparative mode). The default reading is horizontal. To read vertically, choose any link marked "Another version?". To begin either type of reading, examine the archive inventory.

In addition to horizontal and vertical readings, a third dimension exists in the links to digital images of the pages. For these, choose the "[PAGE]" links throughout the text. It should be noted that these links have been inserted following the last character on each page in the original; thus, they occasionally fall in the middle of a word.

Finally, if you wish to display the images without the transcriptions, you have the option to do so by choosing this images only link.

Please let us know what you think of the project by sending e-mail to

We welcome suggestions and will make other texts available if there is sufficient demand. Your responses to the Cinderella Project have spurred us on to create similar archives for Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant-Killer.

These transcriptions and images are made available online free of charge for academic and private, non-commercial use, the only requirement being that you mention the title, "The Cinderella Project," the editor, Michael N. Salda, the location of the resources, the de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection, University of Southern Mississippi, and the URL of the homepage,, in any print or electronic medium that makes use of these materials.