Children's book author and illustrator David Delamare has graciously allowed us to post here a copy of his retelling of Cinderella, published in 1993 by Green Tiger Press, Simon & Schuster, but now out of print. The author retains copyright to all materials. Please do not use these texts or images on your own website or copy them in any way without his permission. To learn more about his works or to contact him, see his website.

Delamare's Cinderella frequently juxtaposes text and image in diptychs, with the text on the left and its accompanying image on the right. We have attempted to retain this arrangement in the thumbnail gallery so that it's always clear how words and illustrations are related to one another.

As always with internet graphics, a trade-off has to be made between detail, clarity, and color depth on the one hand and download speed on the other. The compromise here has resulted in a slight stippling effect not present in the original. We hope that this does not detract from your enjoyment of David Delamare's Cinderella.